Monday, June 16, 2014

We're Chicken People Now!

A few months back (that's how behind I am on updating this thing!) we bought 8 little chicks from CAL Ranch! We didn't have an outdoor coop or anything built for them at that point, that will come in another post, but we DID have a little enclosure set up for them to live in the basement. Riley had helped his dad build it when he had chickens a few years back, so it worked perfectly that we could just move in on over to our house!

All eight of them are HUGE now (nearly full grown) so I wanted to make sure I had pictures of them from when they were itty bitty. It's hard to remember them being this small but they sure were cute!!

 photo ea6aed1a-8f8a-40d5-b2dd-ccd3dbb26298_zpsdf9bd939.jpg We thought we were buying 7 different kinds, two of them being the same breed. But it turns out that one of those "sisters" is a rooster! We're going to try living with him for awhile and see how it goes. He's very defensive of the brood and will puff himself up at Benny when he tries to harass them through the fence :)  photo a8d122b4-dccb-489b-a2bc-bb5b3e7e0aae_zps32628d9a.jpg

This is Brienne of Tarth, aka Phyllis Diller, aka Cosmo Kramer, aka Crazy Hair. She's got such a funny little personality and adorable head feathers! Cracks me up!!  photo e3fff510-2ccf-42ba-a696-9da53731e96a_zps27377553.jpg

 photo e20a1f80-b934-4b55-a570-811e616b56cc_zps55b0a1b9.jpg

 photo b1fa02e6-5be0-4d8c-bd87-df17528e803c_zpsc015d1cd.jpg

This one kills me with her fluffy feet! They have just gotten more pronounced as she has aged. Super cute!!  photo 7ba90216-e9ea-4b5c-9100-96e3315958d0_zps7c378f3f.jpg  photo e3a2516b-70f8-422d-b10d-a9bb2fe6654d_zpscb873d23.jpg I never thought we'd be "THOSE" people with the chicken coop in their backyard, but we've really grown to love them! Riley has spent many, many hours on the construction of their coop and they're now living outside in it full time! It's still interesting to watch them figure out the ramp that he built, and despite the enormous size of the coop all 8 of them insist on sleeping on top of each other in ONE roosting box. When we told our next door neighbors about getting them, they were beyond excited! We promised them fresh eggs once they start laying because I'm sure we'll be getting tons! A few days ago they brought us over a whole huge Ziploc bag full of wheat granules that they grew in their backyard for the chickens to eat! We have some great neighbors!!

 photo 8fbd1265-122a-4fdf-a870-c1cd69e57390_zps9b657c93.jpg

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