Monday, July 16, 2012

Deer Valley Summer Concert Series-Michael Jackson

On Saturday, July 14th we had the opportunity to go up to Deer Valley to enjoy a night of their summer concert series. The Utah Symphony performed Michael Jackson songs! If anybody knows me well, they know I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson fan! The concert was SO much fun. Of course a big percentage of our time was spent "people watching". It's an outdoor concert where people lay out blankets and chairs and sit on the bunny hill. Everyone is allowed to bring their own food. Which for most of the world translates into "bring your own wine/beer/etc etc". Most people end up getting totally wasted. At one of the concerts last year there was an older woman sitting a few feet in front of us that stood up, waving her lighter, the ENTIRE concert. It's always funny to me what goes down once people get a little alcohol in them. Symphony2012301 ^McKenna, my Mom, and myself Symphony2012303 ^My cute parents Symphony2012305 ^Riley and I Symphony2012314 ^"Little King of Pop". He was my hero of the night!! (This picture didn't turn out so well. I didn't want to look like a TOTAL creeper taking a picture of a random child, but I had to document it. Thanks for the tickets, Mom and Dad!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

Only of the biggest downfalls of having a nice camera is they always take HUGE pictures! I haven't quite figured out how to scale these to the right size. Some are large and the rest are small...I need some advice on how to fix it! Urgh!! I took over 200+ pictures on the Fourth! Most of them were from the fireworks shows we saw, but I narrowed them down to a few of my favorites. FourthofJuly2012063 FourthofJuly2012163 Symphony2012131 FourthofJuly2012198 Symphony2012129 Symphony2012083 Symphony2012078 Symphony2012204-1 Symphony2012267 Symphony2012257 Symphony2012224