Monday, April 19, 2010

Crimson Night and Fourwheeling!!

We had a BLAST this weekend. On Friday night we went to Crimson Night up at the U with Mitch and Amanda. It's kinda funny to go up there again being married. Last time I went to Crimson Night was during my first semester of college. I went with a bunch of friends, danced with anyone and everyone, met tons of people, and just had fun. But now it's funny to walk around and see people doing all those things with the intent on finding their future bf/gf/spouse. We made fun of all the slutty girls walking around in no clothes trying to impress the guys, and the guys being super cool without their shirts doing the same thing for the girls.

We checked the place out to see what they had to offer first off. Then we watched people on the rides, a fire dancer, some circus carnies, made buttons, Mitch and Riley played on the blow up playground things, we held snakes/tarantulas/scorpions/turtles etc at the wild reptile exhibit thing that had, and had an all around good time.
Amanda was much more excited to be holding it than me!
Mitch just wanted to wear it on his head...
Amanda and I made the pins for the guys. Riley's was a "butt"on. Get it?! HAHA! TACKY!!
He got all sorts of looks from that...
We finished up our night with some cheese pull aparts and ice cream from the Pie. Overall successful night!!

Then on Saturday the four of us went fourwheeling up Farmington Canyon. We made it all the way to the fork, and both of the roads were closed due to the snow. It was a nice warm day, but there was still about 4 feet of snow. So we took a break, watched some snowmobilers do crazy stunts up the mountain, ate some food, and drove back down.
We drove down to one of the sharp turns in the road and parked the ATV's. If you stand at the end of the cliffs you can see a bunch of cars at the bottom that people have wrecked. Most of them were probably drove off the cliff on purpose, but I'm sure a few were accidental, too. Anyways someone had the great idea that we should climb down the cliff to get a better look at the cars. So we did. It's about a 500+ foot cliff, and we scaled down the side. We had to hold on to dead trees and bushes on our way down because we'd start a rock slide if we lost our footing. It was pretty intense.

We got to the bottom and looked at all the cars. The boys had to determine what kind of make and model they all were, snapped some pictures, and headed back up. On the way back the boys decided to do some rock tipping. They pushed rocks the size of the fourwheelers down the mountain. You'd hear the crashing and see the trees being smashed where the rocks tumbled over them. But then there would be a split second of no noise...and then you'd hear a huge "BOOM" when the rocks would hit the cars at the bottom.

Getting back up the mountain was an adventure. My entire body is still super sore from hiking back up. It's literally probably a 70 degree angle hill. Yikes. But we had TONS of fun. We all passed out at our house after watching Sherlock Holmes.

Riley and I slept through our entire block of church the next day so we went to my parents ward. Stayed and had dinner with my family, then went down to the Gold's later that night. No Amazing was the Country Music Awards or something so it got cancelled. Dang those hicks. So we're patiently waiting for NEXT Sunday so we can get some more Amazing Race action!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Laundry Mishap

We've all heard tales of the disastrous consequences that come from mixing clothes in the wash, right?

Before Riley and I got married when I did the wash, I separated my clothes into like seven different groups. Whites, reds, blues & blacks, browns & tans, etc etc. But Riley had his own system. And since he does most of our wash, this is what has been happening.
Dark colors. Light colors. And whites.

Maybe that's how most of the world does laundry and I was the crazy one who did unecessary separation? Well anyways, the other night Riley was "forwarding" the laundry. (That's what he calls it when you move a batch of clothes from the washer to the dryer)
I'm in the other room, yet I clearly hear his audible gasp.
+ (PLUS)
This might give you a little more of an idea of the original color vs. the "new" color.
The exciting new pink color is residing in between the two normal colored ones. It started out beige, but now it's this interesting new shade of pinky brown. GAG. Riley insists on keeping it and not throwing out. Not just keeping it, but displaying it along the other towels on the rack.
So there it is, folks. Our latest science experiment gone wrong. Let this be a lesson...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Living Planet Aquarium!!

This weekend we had such a blast! Saturday night we went to dinner with Jared, Sammie, Mitch, Amanda, KJ, and his girlfriend Whitney at the Olive Garden. We had a yummy dinner, then headed down to Riley's parents house and had a camp fire, then went hot tubbing! Doesn't get much better than that!! Here are some pictures of that activity. Please take note that in the only picture Riley and I have together, he insisted on looking like a molester. Today Riley and I both had the day off! That hardly ever happens so we had to take advantage of it. It's Shrena's birthday today so we decided we'd offer to take her girls down to the aquarium with us. We had been planning on going down for a few weeks, and we thought Shrena may appreciate some time to herself. So we went and picked up the girls and set out on our way. We stopped and got some lunch at Wendy's...eating in the car with two small children is a terrible, terrible idea. They actually were pretty good and didn't spill hardly anything, but it just made me nervous that Coral's red drink was going to find its way all over the upholstery somehow...
The girls had a blast at the aquarium!! They ran around to every exhibit and "Oooh'd and Aaah'd" at everything. Novali said "Hi" to every fish, and was on her best behavior. Coral got to touch a few starfish and the sting rays! She was pretty nervous about it at first, but then she got her courage up and touched them. Riley asked her what she thought it felt like and she said, "Novali's guts. Annnnddd...a hot dog." Novali's guts?!? Where does she get this stuff??
Coral and I were being fish. Novali...was just being cute.

They were sad to leave, but we had a ton of fun. Since we're defiitely not ready to have kids of our own yet it's fun to just borrow other people's...ha!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Life of Having Two Jobs

I've really had no time lately. Like zero. Between working both jobs and still being in school it has been pretty overwhelming. I feel like I have nothing to talk about but at the same time think I should be saying SOMETHING. Using this as a journal type medium has it's ups and downs. I mostly just like reading about other people's lives...and then wishing I was doing something more fun!

Yesterday I had a work "meeting" at 7:45 am. This will be an every Friday occurence at America First. I guess it's a company wide policy, because Riley has Friday morning meetings, too. My meeting yesterday consisted of four of us checking out the multiple alarm systems and making sure they still work, and they sitting around eating McDonald's for breakfast. It was super. We sat and discussed our views on Twilight and how we have all agreed we just don't like Bella. I ended up having to work late, too! So I was essentially at work for 12 hours yesterday, and that's not including my hour I had off for lunch because I didn't get off until 8:45 in the pm. Yikes...

We have plans for tonight to do a triple date, so hopefully I'll be good and take pictures of that so I'll maybe have something exciting to post about. In the meantime, the dishes have been piling up, the laundry needs folding, Benny needs a walk, and the house needs to be picked up. Oh the joys of being in the real world. I hate growing up. It's busy and not to mention super expensive...ha!

Monday, April 5, 2010


My family has been in St. George the last few days and Riley and I have been in charge of their animals. We tried to take both Benny and Coop down to our house the first night, but Cooper was a disaster. No one slept at all due to him waking up every five minutes to an unusual noise, barking and growling...

Saturday I went to Macaroni Grill and the Gateway with Sarah, Jocelyn, and Jenny Rakow! It's been FIVE YEARS since I've seen Jenny. She came from Germany for a summer to stay with Sarah, and we all hung out quite a bit. Went to Temple Square and rode the skycoaster thing at Lagoon. Here's some pictures of that night out!
Riley and I got to spend quite a bit of time together this weekend which was super nice. I got Saturday off for the first time this whole year..but Riley had to work.. Bummer. But we spent the night together just talking and watching movies. His celebrity crush is Hilary Duff (weird..I know..) and of course Taylor Lautner is freaking gorgeous. So we compromised and watched Cheaper By the Dozen 2 on Friday night.
We spent Sunday night at his parents house for Easter. I was a terrible wife and didn't even do anything special for him...Oh well, there's always next year. His mom made us dinner and we stuck around to watch the Amazing Race!!!! The cowboys went from dead last, to first!!!
I also think it should be recorded somewhere the prayer that Coral gave on Sunday night. It went a little something like this (not word for word, but this was the general idea)
"Dear Heavenly Father,
Please bless that Novali (her little sister) can get more teeth.
Thank you for the food (we ate dinner at like 4 but she wasn't even there, and this was like 11pm)
Please bless that I can get a fish. A red, yellow, and blue one.
Please bless we can be a happy family..with a fish...
And please bless we can have a fish.
Oh, little kids.
Today was a productive day for me! I had the day off of BOTH jobs!!! Went to the bank, then I had to go down to LDSFS for some new training now that our billing secretary is going to the church office building. I figured as long as I was down in Salt Lake I had no excuses not to make a trip to the Social Security Administration. Now that we've been married for 6 months...
So I went, took my number, and sat in the waiting room for like an hour. It was a little bit of a joke, but good news! I'll now officially be a Gold! Now the process starts to change my last name on all my other stuff...blah.