Saturday, January 5, 2013

Seeing the Lights at Temple Square

So I realize these posts are a little out of order but a few days before Christmas we had the opportunity to go down to Temple Square and see all the lights. Every year they seem to be better than the last! They also had the candy windows back at the old ZCMI building!! We went and walked through City Creek and then through the grounds at Temple Square itself with Riley's mom, dad, Bethanie, her boyfriend Chris, and Braxton & Boston. Riley's mom tore her meniscus and has had troubles staying on her feet for long periods of time, so we brought a wheelchair for her to sit in for the night. Riley had a blast pushing her around and "accidentally" running into people's ankles. He thought that it was hilarious to bump into people and have THEM apologize (feeling sorry for the poor disabled woman in the chair).... so irreverent and inappropriate, but made for a pretty funny night. Here we are in front on the huge tree at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. IMG_3811 IMG_3820 IMG_3813 The ceiling in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is SO pretty!! The picture really doesn't do it justice. IMG_3809-1 IMG_3823 IMG_3834 I told Boston to make a cute face for a picture and this is what I got: IMG_3842 The weather wasn't too awful that night and we didn't freeze our butts off, which is always a plus! I'm glad we had the chance to get down there this year. Especially since downtown isn't just a few minutes away for our house anymore.

Christmas Day 2012

We woke up around 7:30 on Christmas morning! We had every intention of sleeping in longer than that, but we always go up to my parents house after to open presents with them and they were starting at 8:30. But who are we kidding, we probably would've been up about that same time anyways. We're not really good at the whole sleeping in thing. Santa came during the night and left our gifts under our sad/dead tree. Riley decided that the left over ribbon would be an appropriate tree topper. I honestly forgot about getting anything more fancy so it stayed through the holiday. Yay. IMG_3885-1 My parent's living room before opening gifts! IMG_3887-1 Cooper was a happy camper with his traditional arm sized bone. He didn't let it leave his sight all morning! IMG_3896-1 Benny got spoiled on Christmas, too! Santa knew exactly what treats he likes the most. IMG_3888-1 My dad bought Riley and I, and Carter a kayak! We are super excited to go out and use them once the weather turns nice! Of course Dad had to sit in one and test it out. Just to make sure it was good. IMG_3918-1 McKenna opened up her present from Elder Stringfellow very last. He sent her a few things, but her favorite was the university apparel from Georgia. She tried them on and stayed in them all day. IMG_3919 Later in the day (after taking a nice nap and playing around with our new toys, of course), we went up and visited my Grandpa Grose for a little bit. He is such a cute little Grandpa :) IMG_3932-1 IMG_3934-1 After we went up to Dave and Julie's house and...this picture happened...we're the five best cousins that anyone could have. Hahahaha. IMG_3961-1 This Christmas we were spoiled completely rotten (same as every year though, really). We are so lucky to have family that lives close by and will host us for the holidays. This year we felt especially blessed to have the gospel in our lives, so we can remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Eve 2012

The few days I had off for the winter break were so much fun! We had an absolute blast spending time with our families. Christmas Eve we went Riley's parents house for their traditional dinner. We exchanged a few gifts that night as well. Riley's siblings re-enacted a photo that was taken of them 18 years ago playing out the nativity and then framed both photos side by side. IMG_3878 As you can see they loved the gift! Such a funny, creative idea. IMG_3871 Novali just loves her Uncle Riley. He is always so cute with her. IMG_3845-1 Riley's parents tried to get all the grandkids to re-enact the Nativity, without much success. Odin makes the cutest little shepherd/wiseman though! IMG_3855 All the original Gold siblings with their parents. It was the best photo I could get, but I think it turned out pretty good! IMG_3880-1