Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3,Chalk Art Festival, and Father's Day!

This Saturday after we got off work we went to Thaifoon for dinner with my family. We were going to go see Toy Story 3 on Friday night but it was all sold out! Bummer!! My family went while we were at work and told us how funny and cute it was. So while we were waiting for our food, we bought tickets on Riley's phone for a showing that night.
Dinner was super yummy. We love Thaifoon. Especially the Surf 'n' Turf (beef and shrimp), and our all time favorite the Coconut Shrimp. To DIE for.

After dinner we made our way down the Gateway and looked at all the chalk art on the road. It was the annual Chalk Festival put on to sponsor Utah Foster Care. It was amazing!! I snapped a few pictures of my favorite ones.
Then it was on to the movie. We absolutely loved it! I laughed and I cried. It was pathetic. Definitely gotta buy that one when it comes out.

Sunday we had made plans to take Benny on a hike to Dog Lake. I had directions to get to the hike by way of Big Cotttonwood Canyon. We drove the entire 9 miles up the canyon to the beginning, and it turns out dogs aren't allowed on that side of the hike. You can get to Dog Lake from Millcreek, too, and that's the only place dogs are allowed. So...we had to turn around and get back out of the canyon and head to Millcreek. Good thing it was a beautiful day and the ride was enjoyable.

We got to Millcreek and half the road was still closed for WINTER (seriously? Not ok!), so we got out and just walked a few miles along the road. We stopped by the river to let Ben have a drink and we found a broken longboard propped up on the tree! So Riley marked the spot so we could pick it up on the way out. I don't feel too bad for stealing it because it's really busted up and broken... but Riley still wanted it to fix up.

We stopped at a picnic site and ate our treatse of dried apple slices, granola, and pretzels. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, and it wore Benny right out. That was the best part! He slept soundly all through the night!!

Also on Sunday we went up to my parents house after our hike for Father's Day. We bought him the game Farkle to take in the camping trailer, and took up a couple pies from Marie Calendar's. Then we went over to Riley's parents house for Father's Day/my mother-in-law's birthday. We ate food out on their back lawn and enjoyed the weather. Then went inside and ate the cake that Shrena had made for Sharon. It was darling!!

Since it was Father's Day and all, I'd better talk about my dad for a bit. He's the greatest dad ever. I know everybody says that, but everyone else is lying, because MY dad is truly the best. He's the most sefless person I know. He always puts others needs/wants before his own. He'll go out of his way to serve anyone and everyone in their time of need. He's taught me a whole lot of life lessons, especially how to be frugal with money. If anyone knows my dad they know that he's the cheapest person ever (I mean that in the best way possible). He just saves, saves, saves. He'll wear the same clothes until they literally fall apart/off of him. I remember him teaching me when I was really little the difference between not only a "want or a need" but also the difference between an "asset or a liability". Pretty sure he talked me out of wasting my money on a whole lot of things when I was little. Even out of ice cream from the ice cream man because he's "A rip off". That all aside, I love my dad! I'm so grateful for everything he's done for our family and taught me. I wouldn't trade him for the world!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

RIP Bugabee :(

Last year in February Riley, myself, and Rachel went to Bird World on an adventure. We were just looking, of course. It's a hobby of mine to go look at the different animals/fish/birds at pet stores and beg Riley to let me have them. It's a hobby of Riley's to tell me, "No".

I first begged and pleaded for a dog. (This was before we got Benny, of course).
He said, "No."

Then I asked for a bird.
He said, "No."

Maybe a rabbit?? They were so cute and furry!

A FISH!?!?

This answer was probably given to me out of sheer frustration, and probably just to shut me up. But he let me have a fish! THREE in fact. I happily left Bird World with my new found friends. Goldfish named Mai Tai, Bugabee (per Rachel), and Sushi.

They lived happily in a bowl I bought from TJ Max for a long long time.

Awhile back I came home (this was back before we were married) to my room and found that Carter had torn up small pieces of one of my art erasers and "fed" them to the fish. Sushi must have ingested one, because he died... poor little soul.

But the other two lived on happily. They've lived on top of our refridgerator in our apartment since we moved in. But I was making myself a bagel for breakfast...I noticed a floater.

Poor, poor Bugabee had passed away. My first thought was, "Do I have the proper ingredients for funeral potatoes?" As this had become a tradition. I remember growing up my cousins and I found a dead cat in my grandpa's backyard garden. After giving the kitty a proper burial, we all came inside and decided it would be in everyone's best interest to make funeral potatoes. Because they're a family favorite.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the little dude before his passing. I didn't feel it appropriate to snap a picture of his lifeless body for the world to see...but let me tell ya, he was adorable.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to properly honor my long lost friend, Bugabee. He will never be forgotten.

In other equally suckish news, the freaking Lakers won the Championship. This was completely unacceptable to me, and I will say absolutely nothing more about this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shutter Island Date Night

So a few months ago, Riley, Jared, Sammie and I went and saw "Shutter Island" in the theaters down at the Gateway. We all absolutely LOVED it (and I's Rated R, so I shouldn't be disclosing that information).

I'm in love with Leonardo DiCaprio's acting. Not necessarily HIM as a person, even though he is quite attractive...but this movie was one of his best. It's an intense psychological thriller, and we had been counting down the days till it was released. That day finally came yesterday! So Riley and I went on a late night excursion to WalMart to buy it and we watched it together for a date night.

I made brownies so we enjoyed our treat, the movie, and eachother's company.

If we have any spending issues, it's on DVD's. We love expanding our collection and watching movies together.

Also yesterday Benny got his hair cut for the first time! I have yet to take any decent pictures of him, but he looks ADORABLE. He's been needing a hair cut for awhile now..especially because everyone says he looks like he was just pulled out of a dumpster. Great.

Stay tuned for pictures of him, he's a stud!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

We had been planning this trip with our friends for about a month, and it couldn't have come a day too soon! We left late Friday night with Mitch and Amanda and the four-wheelers in tow and arrived at the cabin early that morning.

On the way up to the lake we stopped at Smith's in Logan to get some last minute grocery supplies. Mitch mistook the cashier for a man. Hilarious. We spent the entire ride talking about random stuff, and trading scary stories. We met up with Mitch's friends Bryan, Mike, and Dustin at the cabin.We played Phase 10 for a little while before we crashed and went to bed.

The next morning the boys went for an early morning ride. Amanda and I stayed behind because it was just too cold. It had been snowing on and off all morning. We waited and met Jared a little later in the afternoon. After he arrived, the weather had cleared up so we all went for a ride. We scaled mountains and went off every road there was. We explored a few abandoned houses/barns and scared a few cows. Rode over 40 miles that day! Such a blast.

Jordan and Alyssa came up on Saturday night after she got off work.

Sunday we went on multiple rides because the weather was so nice. We had 8 machines in a row driving up and down all over the trails. 6 fourwheelers and Riley and Jordan's pit bikes. Everyone thought those were pretty great and they all wanted their turn on them. That evening before settling down for the night Riley and I, Mitch and Amanda, Jordan and Alyssa, and Jared took the fourwheelers down to the beach and drove around on the dry sand. We spent a good amount of time freeing the big puddles that had accumulated back into the lake. It was like elementary school all over again, building and unbuilding dams in the gutter kind of.

We had steaks for dinner that night, and spent a good few hours playing "Things". That was one of my personal favorite parts of the trip, that game is hilarious.
The next morning we packed things up and headed to LaBeaux's for lunch! Famous raspberry shakes and everything, YUM! Then on the way home Riley and I, and Amanda and Mitch stopped at a little rinky dink gas station to play the lottery. We spent five dollars just to see how far we could get with it. Fun tradition!

We had such a great time and it was a much needed vacation from work. The weather was just lovely minus the first few hours on Saturday, but we wouldn't have traded any part of it. We're looking forward to going again soon!

Now..for the fun part. I have been a complete slacker at taking pictures lately, so I kind've overcompensated for this trip. But here ya go! Enjoy!!

Their signature pose.

Amanda is in massage therapy school, and she practiced on everyone!! Amazing!

I fell asleep and someone snapped a picture. Nice.

Favorite pic of the trip!

Riley and Jared have a special relationship...

Jared stuck the first time...

Hahaha, Jared is totally the 7th wheel. Love it.

Jared stuck...again....
The helmet pile!
Our chef Mitch grilling our steaks!!

The whole crew at LaBeaux's!
Here is everyone with our lottery tickets!!