Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jared & Sam's Wedding!

Sooo...they got married on July 22nd but I just barely found all the pictures I had taken on my computer today! I know I always promise to post pictures when I get the time, so this is me keeping part of my promise!

Caramel Apple Night

We had some friends over last night to make caramel apples! Enjoy the pictures from the adventure!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye Shadowfax, Hello Baja!!

A few weeks ago Riley got pulled over for speeding in a School Zone (I know, I shouldn't admit that, but it's key to the story at hand). Anyways the officer takes his license and registration and comes back to his car to tell him he was issuing him TWO tickets. One for speeding and the other for driving ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE. Riley had NO idea about the suspension, told the officer this, and left totally confused. Which happened to be a miracle in itself because most of the time when you're pulled over while driving on a suspended license you just get cuffed and sent to jail.
He went in the next day to the Driver's License division and questioned the suspension. The audit guy he talked to told him it had been suspended for the past three months, and they sent him the notice of suspension to an address in Iowa! Hello!! He has been home from his mission for over 2 years!! Turns out they sent it to the address of his last area! During the time when I thought his license was going to be revoked/suspended for a long period of time, I put an ad up on KSL for our Grand Cherokee (Shadowfax...Riley's idea) because there was no way we'd need three cars if only ONE of us had a license :S Turns out he got his suspension thing all taken care of, but I in turn went ahead and sold the Jeep! Let it be known that we made a significant amount of money on it, because we weren't into it too much. That is ALSO key to this story....

So Riley went on for about a week pouting that his manhood had been taken away, and he couldn't live without a Jeep, etc etc etc. So I finally broke down and went with him to look at a handful of different Jeeps.

1-The first one we looked at was a '92 Wrangler. Those people were asking way too much for it, and it needed a lot of work done. So we went on to the next one.

2-This one was also a '92 Wrangler (I believe). This one had some type of engine that Riley didn't like...or...something....So we didn't go with that one....

3-'97 Jeep Grand Cherokee, just like the one we sold. The guy selling it was a little sketchy and it needed a LOT of work. Definitely nothing like our near mint condition model of the exact same year.

4- '90 Jeep Wrangler. This is the one we went with! We had to travel to the ends of the Earth (Magna) to look at it, but it's in great shape (for being 20 years old!) and runs like a champ (so far....). Riley is in love with it. It needs a few things here and there, but it's all stuff that Riley is super excited to do.

It needs a paint job and a little love (we're going with either yellow or cherry red!), but it's gonna be sweet! It has a hard time AND a bikini top, gets better gas mileage than our old one, and is a beast off-road. The only issue I have with it, is it's a manual transmission....and I HATE driving manual transmissions....buuuttt....we'll see how that goes. I don't have any pictures of the actual body of the Jeep yet, I completely spaced it, but here are some pictures of Braxton, Bethanie, and Riley enjoying our topless Sunday ride!
I didn't initially pull my hair back, so this was the best image I could capture of my hair flyin'!
Brax had such a good time! He kept yelling "My Goon!! My Goon!! Whenever he could see the Rocket and the Ferris Wheel of Lagoon from where we were at.

He liked just sitting in the passenger seat like a big boy!
Riley was so happy to be driving without the doors or the top...he could hardly stand it.

Moral of this story: Never sell a man's Jeep and not expect him to want another one.

The Big 2-1

For my birthday this year Riley surprised me with all-inclusive tickets to Snowbird! I had the day off, so we went with Jordan and Alyssa and spent the entire afternoon riding the trams, mechanical bulls, the zip-line, the alpine slide, the ropes course, and of course window shopping.

Alyssa was none too happy with Jordan hanging off the front of the lift...

We had yummy BBQ pizza for lunch.

Riding the zipline!

Riley and Jordan on the zipline.

Riley bought me the entire first season of Glee, a back massager, my very own mummy sleeping bag, and a "SL,UT" shirt. What a good husband he is ;)

For dinner we went to Thaifoon with my family, Jordan & Alyssa, Mitch & Amanda, and Cameron. It was yummy (as always) and the company was fabulous.
Afterwards we came back to our house and watched Jaws with Mitch, Amanda, Cameron and Lorna.

Beaver Ponds

A few Sundays ago we went up to the Beaver Ponds with Cameron and Lorna from our ward. It was a beautiful day! We walked around the entire perimeter of the ponds with Benny at our feet. He got dirt all over him so we attempted to dip him in the water. He'd kick his little legs just like he was swimming before he even touched the water. We wish we had taken our swimsuits! The temperature was perfect, even if the water was a bit chilly.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tubing and Camping!

Riley, Jordan, Alyssa and I are taking an institute class at the U. I had a little while between classes so I took some pictures of the campus. Gotta love the green!
After each institute class we have gone to Village Inn for "Free Pie Wednesdays"! Yum!!

We went tubing with Jordan, Brian, and his fiance Jackie. These were our attempts at a decent group shot.

Jordan had a bit too much fun skipping around in his towel.
Thanks for parking the Jeep in the bushes, Brian! The camp host looked none too happy...

We somehow managed to stuff all the tubes in one vehicle!

I brought Oreos and crackers for a little between tubing snack.
Whoever says Utah isn't beautiful has never been through Trapper's Loop!
This last weekend we went camping up behind Bountiful Canyon. Here's Benny enjoying the ride up, amidst all our stuff.

We watched Riley set up the tent from the Jeep ;)

Our sweet hot dog roasting apparatus. Thanks Jared and Sam! Best wedding present ever!

Ben's kind've a wussy camper, so her sat on my lap wrapped up in a blanket for a good percentage of the time.
Our camp stove had a leak so we couldn't make our famous bagged omelets. Jordan improvised by trying to cook his egg over the fire.