Saturday, October 20, 2012

Camping at Washington Lake

Can you tell I'm playing a bit of catch up? About a month or so ago we went camping up in the Uintas with my sister-in-law Jessie and her boyfriend Tom. Washington lake (among a bunch of the other lakes up there) is one of my favorite places on Earth. I know I say this all the time, but we truly are BLESSED to live in such a BEAUTIFUL country. WashingtonLake2012166 I didn't realize that I captured the eagle in this shot til I looked at it later. Pretty cool! WashingtonLake2012175 The leaves had just started to change. So pretty!! WashingtonLake2012205 We did some fishing... WashingtonLake2012140-1 And by we, I mainly mean Tom and myself WashingtonLake2012157 Riley did this: WashingtonLake2012163 Benny did this: WashingtonLake2012171 And Jessie did....well....we're not really sure what Jessie did.... WashingtonLake2012194 But our hours of patience finally paid off! Tom and I each caught a fish. It's always a good feeling to not get completely skunked! WashingtonLake2012185 Mine was bigger :) WashingtonLake2012146 And apparently more cooperative for a picture WashingtonLake2012184 Long story short, we just love camping and wish we could do it more often! WashingtonLake2012198-1

Jackson Hole

***WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD!!*** This post is WAAAYYY past due. For some reason I thought I had published it back in July but apparently I didn't. Oh well, here it is anyways... Over Riley's birthday this year we went up to Jackson Hole with his side of the family! We camped for a few nights and went white water rafting down the Snake River several times. We also went in and spent an evening in the actual town and had pizza and ice cream. JacksonHole2012012 It was toasty on poor Benny's feet, so he sat on my lap as we sat on a cliff and watched other rafters going down the river. JacksonHole2012045 This is how the nieces and nephews did bike rides during the trip...Neil is a good sport! JacksonHole2012056 Braxton, Coral, and Novali posing for a picture! JacksonHole2012061 Here is a picture of Kahuna from a few feet up. Doesn't look that intense, but yikes!! JacksonHole2012001-1 Braxton spent a lot of time riding his bike around the campsite. JacksonHole2012055 We had intentions to get lots of reading done... JacksonHole2012076 JacksonHole2012075 JacksonHole2012070 And it turned into more of this... JacksonHole2012078 JacksonHole2012065 This was one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Here we are just launching off on a "big kid" run. JacksonHole2012118 Everyone after the run! JacksonHole2012136 I had to take a picture of one of the statues in the town square. Pretty cool! JacksonHole2012146 One of the cool little restaurants with outdoor seating. JacksonHole2012147 Odin was too busy chewing on a ketchup packet to notice the mules next to him :) JacksonHole2012160 JacksonHole2012143 JacksonHole2012149 This was also one of my favorite shots of the trip. Novali sure loves her Uncle Riley :) JacksonHole2012068 We had such a fun time enjoying the beautiful scenery and eachother's company. Hopefully we can go again next year!

Grandpa Grose's 90th Birthday!

My cute grandpa turned 90 last week, and the family hosted an open house for him! Photobucket How stinkin' cute is this man?! Seriously!! Tons of friends and family showed up to support my Grandpa. People drove hundreds of miles to make it, and he had a smile on his face the entire day. I think it was a little overwhelming to know that he has made such a positive impact on so many people. He is definitely one of my heroes! Here are some pictures from his special day: Fall2012030 Fall2012043 Fall2012047 Fall2012067 Fall2012049 Fall2012051 Fall2012059 Fall2012060 Fall2012082 Fall2012085 Fall2012089 Fall2012097 Fall2012099 Fall2012111 Fall2012113 These are all my Grandpa's surviving children. The only one missing is my Uncle Alan who passed away several years ago. Fall2012103