Friday, March 25, 2011

Las Vegas 2011

This past weekend we went on a short trip to Las Vegas with our friends Mitch and Amanda. We left Saturday night and came home Tuesday night. It was a quick trip, but we had lots of fun.
We stayed at a super sketchy hotel called Imperial Palace. But you can't beat $25 a night on the strip so I can't complain. We went to the M&M Store, the Coke Store, rode the roller coaster at the New York, New York, went to breakfast Sunday morning with our friends Cameron and Lorna from our ward, toured almost all of the hotels (Our favorite is a brand new hotel called Cosmopolitan. Ssssoooo neat. Maybe mostly due to the fact it's only been open for about 4 months and the smell of cigarette smoke hasn't seeped into everything in it yet...), walked down Fremont Street, and even gambled a bit. Sshhh, don't tell! Haha ok so it really wasn't a big deal. Riley and I each allotted ourselves one dollar to gamble in any way we chose. We ended up winning $35 playing video blackjack! Sweet!
Things to remember for our next trip to Las Vegas:
1-Pack as much of your own food as possible. $20 a meal adds up really quick!!

2-It's ok to splurge at a buffet. We didn't get to do that this time.

3-Free parking is never actually "free". Remember a bunch of smaller bills to tip the valet.

5-Don't spend time in stores in Las Vegas that we have here at home. Not worth the waste of time.

6-You can't look ANYWHERE. I came close to attacking the dirty old men (and women) handing out the sick porno cards at every corner. The buildings have half naked people, the ground is litered with pornography, there are strippers pole dancing in most of the more raunchy casinos, etc, etc.
7-Remind Riley it's not ok to ask the concierge, "Is this the REAL Caesar's Palace? Did the REAL Caesar actually live here?"

We didn't take too many pictures of the trip but here are just a few! Enjoy!!