Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving Pumpkins with Jared & Spam

Last night we went over to Jared and Spam's house for the first time! We carved pumpkins (as you can tell).
This first picture is out of order, but I just couldn't help but put it first. Aren't we just adorable?

Pumpkin guts..Bahaha.
Sam was very intense.
Jared...likes the smell of pumpkins? I dunno...

The finished product!!

It was tons of fun! We hadn't seen these guys in over a month. Completely unacceptable. I guess that's what happens when you have family in from Japan. You ignore your friends. Hahaha!
Best. Friends. Ever.

Halloween at Booey's!

This year there was a Gold family party at Bethanie and Neil's house!

I couldn't find my maid costume from a few years ago...luckily Ryan and Sarah let us borrow some of their costumes!! Thanks guys, we owe you big time!!

(This picture is of Riley being a complete CREEPER. He insisted on tucking his ears and eyebrows into the hat)

Carolyn's AWESOME homemade Little Mermaid costume!!

Aren't these two ADORABLE?!?!

Coral was a fairy!

We played the donut on a string game... Hahaha.

Sharon's creepy eye ;)

And we carved pumpkins! This picture clicked right after Neil put his tongue back in his mouth..hahaha. It helps the creativity flow, ya know?!

Bethanie's spider

Braxton's pumpkin (carved by Sharon)

Riley's pumpkin

Neil's "Mater" pumpkin

Thanks for hosting the party guys! We're looking forward to this tradition for the coming years!!

To the Rescue!!

Every Sunday Riley and I have a tradition of going for a drive up either Farmington or Bountiful canyon. It was lucky we went up when we did, because the very next day there was SNOW covering up the pretty leaves.
We readied the Jeep for our adventure, and at the last minute put in a few blankets and the collapsible shovel from Riley's car. We stopped at my parents house to drop Benny off and I grabbed a bunch of treats.

We headed up the canyon and decided to go on an adventure on some trails we had never been on. We took a series of left and right turns and ended up getting pretty far up the back of the canyon. As we were driving we noticed a big white tent looking thing in the far off distance. We decided to go check it out. As we drove closer we realized that it was a truck! A huge Dodge truck was high-centered on a chunk of clay. Which is basically the same as ice! We had been tailspinning the whole way in 4WD! It was a kid our age and his girlfriend and they said they'd been stuck for nearly two hours and hadn't seen anyone. It was incredibly random that we were even there!

The boys hooked the two vehicles up by ratchet (sp?) straps and chains, but our light Jeep couldn't even budge it. We ended up driving them back down the canyon. We were going to just drop them off at the Chevron (these guys were from American Fork) while they waited for someone to come pick them up. But the guy had a pistol and a shotgun (deer season), and we quickly realized it wasn't a good idea to leave them at a gas station. So they came with us to my parents house while they waited. My dad let them borrow some sweats of his, since the poor kid was COVERED in red clay mud, and we all ate pie!

They were incredibly lucky we randomly came across them that day! They were preparing to spend the night up there, and it snowed the very next day. What a crazy experience!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Riley's Saturday!

I had to work all day Saturday (bummer). But Riley went shooting with Jordan, and our neighbors/wardies Cameron and Lorna. not sure if I would have gone even if I didn't have work though. I still don't love guns...and I REALLY don't love JORDAN with guns....HA! But Lorna was a braver soul than me and accompanied the boys, and was even nice enough to send me some pictures from the day, so I suppose I'll share them. Enjoy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mom's Surgery

A little while ago my mom went in for an appointment with a cardiologist, just to get everything checked out. The doctor ended up finding a hole in her heart. One that they say she has probably had her entire life. They ran several tests and decided that it was medically necessary for her to have surgery to fix the hole. She had the surgery done yesterday down at St. Mark's Hospital and is already home today doing fine!

She's even going to dinner tonight with a bunch of her friends from High School, so she probably won't be returning home until the wee hours of the night.
She didn't want me taking a picture of her, but this one is better than the one I snapped of her sleeping with her mouth wide open, so here it is. What a rockstar, right?!

Her room number and chart

The view from her room

Grandpa Grose Turns 88!

When I told my Grandpa Grose "Happy Birthday", he said, "Thanks! It's not everyday you turn 16 again!" 8 + 8=16, right?! All he wanted for his birthday was to have a big family dinner, so we all went to his "kitchen" (aka Golden Corral). It's his absolute favorite!
Isn't he the cutest grandpa ever?!

Monday, October 4, 2010

He's Home/Leaving!!

Two of my favorite cousins are home together for five days! Alex (left) came home on Friday from his mission and Andrew (right) leaves on Wednesday for his!
It was fun to see them together on Sunday for a few hours! Discussing all our childhood memories was tons of fun! They're both GREAT missionaries!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Davis/Viewmont Game & Jeeping with Family

We went to the Davis vs. Viewmont game on Friday night.
Davis won!! 27-20
It was actually a pretty decent game and not the blowout I expected.

Booey and Neil enjoyed a hot dog.

Then on Saturday we took the Jeep up behind Bountiful canyon, halfway to Morgan.

The colors were gorgeous!!