Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

Wow. I can't believe that I've been SUCH a terrible slacker these past few months. Let's just say that school and work took over my life for awhile there, but I'm going to try my hardest to at least mention a few of the things we've been up to in the last while.

1st-I started a new job in September! The day after my birthday in fact. I'm now a full-time employee for Wasatch Property Management working as a leasing agent at a community called San Moritz. It's in Midvale so it's a bit of a drive each day, but I've really enjoyed it so far. The apartments are super nice, my co-workers are really fun, and the job itself isn't too shabby. So if anybody is in the market for a new know who to call!

For my birthday this year we went camping with Jared and Sam. I need to dig up a few pictures from that event, because it was quite an adventure! Even though it was the middle of September we were determined to go tubing down the river since we hadn't gotten to do it earlier in the summer. Let's just say it was pretty chilly and it didn't help that I totally biffed it trying to get my fat butt into the tube to begin with. Yikes. Maybe the very best thing so far this year happened on my birthday! Riley got me my very own scooter!!! It's yellow and I named him "Bumblebee". It breaks my heart that I can't ride it in the winter but as soon as the weather gets nice again I'm gonna be busting him out!! Can't wait!!

Halloween kinda came and went quickly for us this year. We decorated a bit and didn't do anything too terribly exciting. We went with Riley's parents, Austin, Shrena and their kids trick-or-treating. I think Riley is really looking forward to having our own kids to take :)

Sometime between my last post and now Elder Baker got home from his mission! Oh man did we miss that kid! He did such a great job on his homecoming talk, and I'm sure he was a fabulous missionary. We're happy to have him home though, because we missed our "that is so innapropriate" and Mario buddy.

For Thanksgiving this year we ate at my parents house for the actual meal, went to Riley's parents for pie(s), and then went and saw Hugo that night. I really liked the movie but Riley and my dad thought it was terrible, haha.

Windageddon 2011 is important to mention here, too! A few weeks ago Northern Davis County really took a hit with 100+ mph winds. Lots of property damage, fallen trees, and overall mayhem ensued. My parents lost their flowering plum tree that used to be in their front yard as well as a few quaking aspens in the backyard. But the majority of the damage was in uprooted pine trees. I didn't manage to get many pictures of my own, so I'm going to have to steal a few that McKenna took from her cell phone.

Here is a picture of the large amount of garbage bags they had full of trash that had blown into their yard.

A few of the shingles they found in their yard. They're assuming most of them weren't even from their house.

My mom cried a few tears over this poor tree :(

Here's Carter sitting in the tree that once stood tall in their backyard.

Another update: We're in the market for a house!! We've put two offers in, both on homes being sold on short sale so we won't get word for awhile on either of them. But we're very excited to find the perfect place. Riley is really itching for a yard and a garage of his own. I'd enjoy some more space and I'm sure Benny would love to be able to go outside sans leash. One home is in Farmington on State Street, and the other home is in Centerville on 400 East.

This is the home in Farmington:

And this is the one in Centerville:

We're keeping our fingers crossed but not holding our breath at this point.

I promise I'll be better at taking more pictures as the year progresses, but this is my best attempt at a catch up post!