Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rebel Randoms

I'm still learning how to use our new camera, but in the meantime here are some pictures that we've taken lately. Photobucket Newcamera123 Newcamera108 Photobucket Newcamera081 Newcamera080 Photobucket Apparently the only thing I have to take a picture of is my dog... :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lagoon vs. Instagram

We took our nephews Boston and Braxton to Lagoon last night for a few hours. Those season passes were the best purchases ever! Boston was my ride buddy for the night and would hold my hand between every ride. He would ask me if I was scared and when I responded, "Yes" he would say, "It's okay Alyssa (*stroking my hand*) this one isn't scary. It's just fun!!"
^View of the Ferris Wheel at night.
^Riley, Jared, Boston, and Brax on the Log Flume ride
^The crew plus two random kids they met in line on Rattlesnake Rapids (I swear I was there, just didn't feel like riding the rides where you get soaking wet :)
^Trying to get two little boys and one grown up boy to look at the same time proved to be difficult...
^This wasn't at Lagoon, but this was our motorcycle ride on Sunday afternoon. We braved the HORRIBLE heat and rode up Trapper's Loop, around Pineview, and back down through Ogden Canyon. Great way to spend a nice day!
Remember in the last post how I talked about getting a new camera? Well, I did some research and bought this beauty three days later. We're still trying to learn the in's and out's of it (it's pretty fancy), but we've enjoyed it so far!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Month Catch-Up

I have been such an incredible slacker the past little while! Things have been pretty crazy for us, but really good nonetheless. Unfortunately my beloved camera took a turn for the worst when it fell into the punch bowl at Riley's dad's graduation party...RIP little buddy. I honestly haven't even thought about buying a new camera since I was hoping that I could work some magic on the old one and somehow bring it back to life. No such luck though. I guess it's time to accept my fate and just buy a new camera. Needless to say this post won't have any pictures. Sad. I just have to write all this stuff down or else I'm sure I'll forget. I'll start with the biggest change that has happened to us, which is that we moved! We were under contract to purchase a home in Kaysville and were about a week away from our closing date. Riley went to the house with the realtor to do part of our inspection and a neighbor came over to chat with him. During their conversation the neighbor told Riley that the previous owner had been arrested multiple times for drug use and paraphrenalia. Long story short: We found out that the previous owner had manufactured meth in the home, which was WAY more of a project then we wanted to take on. The house would have basically needed to be torn down and built again in order to get rid of the meth remnants, and that just wasn't going to happen. The timing was SUPPOSED to be perfect, because we were going to close on our new house around the same time we would be moving out of our apartment. We sold it back to the apartment complex that it is located in. When we found out about the Kaysville house we suddenly panicked because we had nowhere to go. After a very stressful weekend and a few tears being shed (on my part, even though I never thought I would be sad to leave our old apartment) we have moved into Riley's grandpa's basement. They live in Centerville only a few blocks away from Riley's parents. It has actually worked out pretty well so far! We have the whole basement to ourselves and Benny loves their huge backyard!! We are still looking for a house and hopefully it will happen for us sooner rather than later. Because even though our living situation is just fine for now, there's nothing quite like having your own living space. We also bought Lagoon season passes and have gone a few times. Riley went the other night with Neil and the boys and we went with Jared, Sam, and Kristi another night. We also have season passes to Seven Peaks so hopefully we'll get to use those a bunch this summer also!! We're so excited for nice warm weather. I'll try to do better about posting, and I'm GOING to buy a new camera. Today. Now that I realize how lame my blog posts are without pictures!