Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Phoenix Trip-Zufelt Wedding

About a month or so ago we received an invitation in the mail to one of Riley's mission companions' wedding. At first I was bummed because they were getting married in the Mesa, AZ temple and I didn't think we'd be able to make it happen. Riley was determined to make it there, though! They had promised each other on their mission that they would go to the each others' weddings and Riley was not about to give up on that promise. I made plans to have the time off from work and he re-arranged his schedule so he could miss a few days.

I'll admit that I was NOT looking forward to the trip. It's a 12-13 hour drive each way and we couldn't miss any extra days from work. Which meant we left on a Thursday, went to the wedding and reception on Friday, and drove home on Saturday. We had to get home for Carolyn's boyfriend Caleb's mission farewell on Sunday, so it was one. quick. trip.  photo ee734bff-4c1c-4e8f-94d6-5692c49bf901_zps4bcf42b1.jpg

We woke up bright and early on Thursday morning and got out the door around 8AM. We dropped Benny off at Jared and Sam's house and started the trek!

We arrived in Gilbert at about 8:30PM at Riley's aunt Jolene's house. They were gracious enough to let us breeze in and out to stay!! That night we went and met my friend Kristi for frozen yogurt and spent way too much time chatting and catching up. We didn't get back home until 1AM but we fell asleep immediately and didn't wake up till like 10 or 11 the next day. We got up and went to breakfast with Cousin Tyler at the Black Bear Diner, came back and got put together for the wedding!

 photo 6727a7a9-a6c8-4df0-bb82-918c52d29a2e_zpsfec139a2.jpg

The sealing was beautiful and they looked SO happy! It reminded me of our wedding a few years back. I can't recall nearly a single thing that was said in the ceremony, which makes me kind of sad. But we were so anxious/nervous/excited/scared/happy that the whole day was a bit of a blur.

 photo b611b28c-f9b4-432a-a787-b8957988eb87_zpsfb8c4847.jpg

 photo 1c7f16e8-95ea-4c83-975d-bf8498c2458b_zps2ab0454b.jpg

 photo 3dd98e35-1170-4f26-97f1-32af19b35b18_zps5f49dc9d.jpg  photo b8d6c180-7835-4c94-be7f-08498e9e7b9d_zps089a049e.jpg

It's important to note here, that Riley picked a "lemon" from one of the trees at the temple. I was positive we were going to Hell for stealing from the temple (more on that story later), but he didn't think much of it.  photo 1e9c90bb-6947-4967-b475-35f7f7dc847c_zpsb326c61b.jpg

We had a few hours between the sealing and the reception, so we ended up walking through the Chandler mall for a bit. WOW! What an amazing mall!! It makes all the malls here seem so small and pathetic. Riley's favorite part was the Lego Store, which I practically had to pull him out of.

 photo f1707233-a7aa-424e-a59d-3f58cc5e0f15_zpsbaca7e4d.jpg

As we left the mall and were on our way back to the house, we were stopped at the mall exit waiting to turn right onto the main road. We noticed that several cars in front of us, a vehicle was parked in the middle of the road not moving. It was holding up traffic and several people had gotten annoyed and were honking. Riley got out of the car to see what was going on, only to find a young teenage girl sitting in the car, panicked because it had died and wouldn't start. Luckily he had packed practically his entire tool box in the back of our car, whipped out his handy scanner and was able to reset the codes for her long enough for the car to start and get out of the way of the other cars. By that time, her dad had gotten there and was so grateful that someone had stopped. You could tell that she was beside herself that people were upset they had to go on the curb to get around her. Her dad mentioned that it took someone driving all the way from Utah to help his daughter, and thanked Riley multiple times.

We went to the reception that night which was held at a friend's backyard. It was a beautiful night with lovely weather, made even better by the fact that they danced to the "What Does the Fox Say" song. Love it.

That night we met Kristi Lou for dinner at an Italian place called Oregano's. The portions were HUGE! Between Riley and I we ordered an appetizer and an entree to share and had TONS of leftover.

We woke up the next morning at about 7AM and were on our way! We stopped in Vegas and met our friends Cameron and Lorna for lunch at the Vegas Ale House and enjoyed catching up with them! We miss seeing them all the time, but hopefully we'll have the chance to visit with them again VERY soon :)

Even though it was a LONG time in the car for a very short trip, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I love being able to spend time with Riley, just the two of us. We had about 26 hours in the car to talk, laugh, and enjoy each other's company. I learned lots of things I didn't know about him (which I didn't know was still possible,) and it just makes me appreciate having him in my life even more.

One thing stuck out to me in a conversation we were having. I asked, "Do you remember the day you decided you wanted to marry me?" He thought for a minute, and said, "I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, I can't remember the exact day I decided I wanted to marry you. The good news is, I can't remember a day when I DIDN'T want to marry you." I about melted in my chair. He's an incredibly soft hearted guy even though he doesn't show it all the time. I'm one lucky girl!!

 photo 8b013bd1-49e7-4179-b206-07e502423c7f_zpsc35e2fbf.jpg Remember the "lemon" from earlier? Well fast forward to last night when I took on the challenge of making a FROM SCRATCH pumpkin pie with my mom and grandma. The recipe called for lemon zest so I thought, "Great! I'll use the lemon that we picked from the temple!" I got to my parents last night and whipped out my "lemon" to show off to my mom. She looked at it for about .2 seconds and said, "That's not a lemon. That's a grapefruit." I denied it as I was SURE it was a lemon. Well, we cut into it and sure enough. Grapefruit. Awkward....  photo unnamed8_zps729cd4ae.jpg

Time Out For Women! -St. George

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to go down to Time Out For Women in St. George! My mom, McKenna, and I left Friday morning and made the trek down. We made a pit stop at the Scipio Petting Zoo and were so sad to see that it was closed. During the middle of the day? Boo. We spent a few minutes walking around the outside to see what kind of animals we were missing out on petting, snapped a picture and were on our way.

 photo unnamed2_zps0a8ff566.jpg

A few miles down the road we made another stop in Beaver for ice cream at the Cache Valley cheese factory! I had been telling them for months about the delicious ice cream but every time we were driving through it was either too late in the evening or it was a Sunday and they were closed. So they finally got to see what all the excitement was about, and it sure didn't disappoint! Love me some raspberry cream cheese ice cream *drool*.

We arrived Friday evening long enough to drop our stuff off at the house and get ready for the first night of the event. That evening the music was provided by Michael McLean and we heard from a few wonderful speakers, including President Hinckley's daughter!

The performance went a bit long so we didn't get out until after ten. We made our way to Cafe Rio and enjoyed some delicious dinner before heading to bed.

 photo c98ffde9-f4af-4635-a102-4dd745a47d9b_zpsc917a9aa.jpg

 photo 0e829513-976c-47f3-8924-1cebff5de52c_zps229199f4.jpg
We woke up early the next morning after a pretty terrible night's sleep (for me, at least! I don't do air mattresses so well!) and headed off to the Convention Center for Day Two! The music that day was all by Jericho Road and it was amazing!! They were really fun to watch and listen to, especially the boy band tribute. Sure do miss N*SYNC... :) It was another day full of amazing speakers who all had messages I needed to hear.  photo b3669ba3-29bd-4ae3-9b43-eec831fe5834_zps43b65859.jpg

 photo 9a9d792a-44f2-459e-8f6f-43a8c3f26dea_zps477f280b.jpg

After the event ended we went to Chik Fil A to meet my mom's high school friend Ralyn and her daughters Kara & Kieley. They were down in St. George for Kara's rugby tournament and my mom wanted to visit before they headed home. Afterwards we went and did some shopping at TJMax and had dinner at Benja Thai. I'm not usually a huge fan of Thai food but this stuff was delicious. I will definitely be going again.

The trip was a huge success! I don't get too many opportunities to hang out with just McKenna and my mom, but every time we do get together I realize how much I enjoy being with them. We can talk for hours on end about nothing, and can joke about our differences. I sure was blessed with some incredibly family members!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Happenings+Halloween 2013!!

A week or so ago Carter and I went fishing with this guy.

 photo 3a7a81e3-4f00-428c-b23b-0e8054d77416_zps395d6ebc.jpg

He was the only one to catch a fish but he obviously was excited about it.

Giving the fish a kiss!!  photo 7e6bffb8-12fb-4e34-8a29-dd015fac78d2_zpsa4cc725e.jpg

We went to one of our favorite spots just off the freeway between Taggart and Croydon. Such a beautiful river!!  photo d4787c54-4369-413b-8ed9-04f1b2b0e9ba_zps7367c959.jpg

 photo be5d9bbd-a70d-49a9-9f0c-a62f5a6934ba_zps3d9c3445.jpg

To get ourselves in the Halloween spirit we went to Frightmares and carved pumpkins with Jared and Sam.

 photo be9f8df2-c3e3-4b43-904c-e9de0a3bc516_zps12949505.jpg

Riley, Jared and I rode on the Skycoaster. Riley had never been but Jared and I had both been twice before. We figured we'd make him pull the rip cord as an initiation. We had a blast!

 photo 537842_10151987547003627_1006444035_n_zps9986efdb.jpg
 photo 1391734_10151987546538627_1920292922_n_zpsdbabec8c.jpg
 photo 8b7c7ca4-73ba-418c-9fde-d52b4f0d5112_zps0f46c4e3.jpg

Riley and I dressed up as Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Rodger's for Halloween this year!!!

 photo d86e049d-a017-452b-a180-1f568db2fb2b_zps39ffd6c4.jpg

I guess I should mention somewhere that on October 30th we celebrated our 4th anniversary!! Can't believe that four years have already come and gone with this guy!

Since we both had to work the next day we didn't do anything too incredibly exciting. I made dinner at home and we went to Lagoon one last time before it closed. The lines were TEENY and we practically walked on to every ride. We are going out of town in a couple of weeks just the two of us so maybe we can count that as an anniversary trip?  photo 5119bf7d-e0e2-4f33-a200-9c751e36b0b9_zpsfc8adb09.jpg

Girls Night to THRILLER-2013

I really wish that I would've gotten more than ONE picture from this event! Even so, it's still worth noting.

A couple weeks back some of my high school friends and I got together for dinner at The Pie up by the U. We had a great time gabbing, catching up, and enjoying an insane amount of cheese...(with a side of pizza).

 photo 9408f967-e910-4e6e-ac10-6425aa881fd4_zps43789a78.jpg

We decided that night that we should get a big group of girls together to go see Thriller down at Kingsbury Hall. I had never been but had heard how cool it was from tons of other people. We bought our tickets and set up the date.

We had SO much fun! All the dance numbers were amazing and we got pretty great seats. We were on the lower section towards the back and didn't have anyone behind us. Which was pretty great, because we didn't have to worry about annoying anybody sitting in back of us.

 photo 6d43de86-a8c9-4f06-9e39-e43c05df5ce5_zpsd2f93a75.jpg

I'm so glad that I've lucked out with such awesome friends. They're all amazing girls who are doing some way cool things in life. It's crazy that we've been graduated for over 5 years and our lives have taken us in such varying directions. But that's what makes it all that more fun when we can get together and find out what everyone else is doing.