Friday, April 29, 2011

My Love Note

So I don't know if you guys knew this or not.... But I have pretty much the best husband ever. Seriously. Riley is more than I could have hoped to have as a spouse. I was sort of naughty awhile ago and snooped through either his wallet or car (I can't remember exactly where it was), and I found this note titled, "Things I love about Alyssa". I want to say that I found this either when we were engaged or first married. Needless to say it caught my attention so I read it over. It instantly made my day. I think he knows now that I have it, but I've kept it in MY wallet ever since. Whenever I have a hard day or when we get into little arguments I pull it out and look at it.

I thought since the 30th marks our 1.5 year anniversary I'd share this note with you. It's word for word, and you can totally hear Riley's personality in the verbage.

(Please feel free to be jealous :)

1-Her voice calms me down

2-Her dedication to life (school, work, me)

3-Her loyalty

4-Her desire to better herself

5-Her eyes

6-The way she drives (crazy I know)

7-The chuckle in her laugh

8-The way she screams when something happens that she didn't mean to do, like in Mario Kart

9-The feel of her skin

10-The support she gives me even when I don't deserve it

11-Her nose

12-The way she looks when she sleeps

13-She knows everything I don't

14-Her cooking

15-The patience she has for me

16-The unconditional love she has for me

17-She interacts with nieces/nephews

18-She can take a joke and send it right back

19-The respect she has for my hobbies/likes

20-The happiness she brings me

I just thought I'd take a second to write this note down, in case one day I was to lose it or something. Although Riley and I joke, banter back and forth, and aren't the best at the whole "PDA" thing, I really do love him! I'm SO lucky that I get to spend eternity with my BEST friend.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girls Trip to St. Geezy!!

We had an absolutely marvelous time in St. George this year! Sharon, Carolyn and I drove down Friday evening to meet Jessie down at Dixie. We spent four lovely days enjoying the warm weather and eachother's company. We toured lots of church historical sites like Brigham Young's home, the Tabernacle, and made it through the Visitor's Center of the temple. We ate at the Bear Paw Cafe for breakfast, 25 on Main for dinner one night and had a picnic at the city park outside the tabernacle. I wish I took more pictures of the park, it was tons of fun! We went up to Dixie Rock and explored all the cliffs and hills we could find. Took lots of fun pictures, too! We visited Jessie's preschool and went on a nice evening walk around campus. Jessie had been sick for a few weeks prior to the trip and Sharon ended up having to take her to the Instacare one afternoon. Carolyn and I went shopping at the outlets and spent some much needed time at the pool. The only downer to the trip was that both Wes and Riley were incredibly sick the whole time we were gone. I spent a lot of time checking in on Riley and making sure he was taking care of himself. Wes had pneumonia and Riley had strep, poor guys. We came home to snow and rain but we definitely enjoyed the sunshine while we could!