Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

I was really awful and didn't take very many pictures of Christmas this year! You'd think that I would learn that I really need to be better, but I guess it hasn't hit me yet. I'm sure I'll be bummed when I go to look through all my posts and see like 3 decent ones from CHRISTMAS but hey, too late now!

We woke up around 8AM Christmas morning and did our own gift exchange. We always spend Christmas morning/breakfast at my parents house and then head over to Riley's parents afterwards and this year was no different. Riley insisted on having the "Yule Log" on Netflix crackling on our TV in the background as we opened presents. Unfortunately we had both been pretty sick in the few days prior to Christmas, so we weren't really feeling like doing anything too fancy or even really get ready for the day.

Riley bought me a gift certificate for Scuba diving lessons so I can get certified!! He also got me a food processor that I had been pining over for the last 6 months or so. Can I just say that I love it already?! It has changed my life. I never thought I'd get so excited about a kitchen appliance but I guess that's what growing up does to you!

I bought Riley a "QuadLock" for his S4 and a Samsung smart watch thing. I really had no idea what it did prior to buying it for him, but he mentioned a few months ago that he'd really like one. He loves it and has worn it every day since! It really is pretty sweet!

 photo dc8cbe72-fca2-434e-bacb-6346efb7bab5_zpsf4c46b57.jpg

My mom bought all of us really comfy blankets from Costco. Benny has definitely benefited greatly from the purchase. He has all but claimed mine as his own.

 photo a3a79d00-48bf-4b20-a261-91645645f91e_zps5c5bcc65.jpg

This isn't a wonderful picture but I had to document the fact that Riley insisted on participating in "No Shave November". It kind of spilled over and turned into "No Shave 2013". As part of my Christmas he trimmed it a few days after this :)

 photo 828c8236-6966-4b54-927b-dec3efaf7bed_zps803c5710.jpg

This is a gift that Carter gave to my mom. She wanted picture proof that he wrote "Love You" all over the wrapping. He's a naughty teenager sometimes who doesn't always think that parents are "cool", so she wanted proof that he's a good kid under all the facade :)

 photo 1cf8746a-6b12-4b0c-825d-f34aa08d9827_zps838df478.jpg

Grandma giving Cooper a Christmas foot massage :)  photo 590c1c22-9270-4765-abd1-cd679aeb3eee_zps0ebebe9f.jpg

 photo d56bb771-9f41-41b9-b72e-642bf765247b_zps6cf7818d.jpg

 photo cb5c5ef7-6edd-47bb-a0f3-e861f9073533_zps3507210f.jpg

 photo 37ea96af-0f22-487c-8330-5dd71d4c5a52_zps8f3cf319.jpg

 photo 855b9c69-219e-4112-b2dc-61b74b925137_zps1d15d9dc.jpg

We spent the whole day with family enjoying each other's company. We are incredibly blessed!!

I really took ZERO pictures of New Year's but we spent it with Riley's parents and Carolyn playing Super Mario on the Wii and the board game LIFE. Turned on the TV long enough to watch the ball drop and celebrated with some Martinelli's! Your priorities definitely change as you get older!!


For Christmas this year my parents got us gift certificates to go up to the Solomon Center in Ogden to try out iFLY, iROCK, and the FlowRider! We decided that we couldn't possibly do all the activities in the same day and we were REALLY excited to try out iFLY so we made a night out of it. Riley and I met my parents, McKenna, Carter, and Justin up in time to see the people right before us do it so we'd have an idea what we were getting ourselves into. Carter was really excited to try out his new GoPro camera that he got for Christmas, so we have video of the flights, too!

Here are just a few pictures from the event:

Riley and I on our way up!

 photo 125d549a-5913-4240-8b7a-133428fcd3f7_zpsc34c81bc.jpg

 photo d1b84e20-3f2e-4bdf-b114-c73b94f6cf54_zpsabff3c90.jpg

 photo 92c38de5-1dbc-4912-8b8b-7069947c270d_zpsd1d96dbe.jpg

 photo 0181f44d-beb5-443a-a587-ff473a92c9e6_zps37efb215.jpg

 photo 150b0a69-c854-4670-be0b-0da9eb5c07ea_zpsedf39f2a.jpg

 photo 7f62aa38-2bf3-43d0-84a4-2ba0fc8078e4_zps037c1484.jpg

 photo 59190384-640f-4801-a580-5b202dbd4d11_zpsb0a79bf0.jpg

 photo 5a0b7410-3e99-4f98-be06-5fe50167f57b_zpsd55bdc90.jpg

I think my parents had just as much fun WATCHING us as we did actually doing it. It was pretty entertaining!! Sure gives me a hankering to try REAL skydiving one day...