Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

The Saturday before Memorial Day I was able to get off of work! I had to ask for the day off WAY far in advance, since Saturday's are usually really busy around my office but it was SO worth it. We ended up going to Lagoon for a few hours (first time of the season). We have season passes so we don't feel bad only going for a little bit. It started to get hot and crowded, PLUS we had other fun plans for our day! Riley is always able to pull the most creeper faces ever. Nice.
 photo bdb31417-e790-41a0-b9f6-e30575e8bd9a_zpsd6db70a0.jpg

This one is a bit blurry, but what can you expect from a phone camera on the White Roller Coaster...  photo 21277b7c-c377-40e1-9410-390da13f9d06_zps34b4f797.jpg

 photo edbd230b-9687-468b-8032-884a89c43f29_zps5124db9d.jpg

 photo bd8064aa-1801-4abd-b1ac-0270da1df318_zpsd06661f5.jpg After we left Lagoon we went to get all our stuff ready for our Rhino/Razr ride! Sam and I went to Dick's for the food while the boys loaded the machines onto the trailer and truck. Turns out we really have no idea how much 7lbs of ice is, so we ended up going back for more...we're learning to be adults, slowly!

We originally had planned to go up to Mantua to ride, but our plans got delayed a bit so we ended up just going up Bountiful Canyon. Riley and Jared have ridden up there tons of times and knew how to get to the old abandoned silver mines.

View from the top of the canyon. SO pretty!!
 photo 01cd02d1-5939-4ce7-8a9f-ed5e5e165dd1_zps9f6adedc.jpg

The Rhino was a bit of a tight fit through the gate....  photo 10523cc3-a405-4c02-b90e-aeafdaa51854_zpsfdc15886.jpg

So we had to improvise a bit.  photo 8505b81c-aee7-48f8-832f-2ec2910616c7_zps94127d74.jpg

Needless to say we were pretty determined to get down to the mine! There are a few REALLY old cars that were abandoned along the road down.  photo 69696111-fc90-4de6-a597-601055fd94a1_zps16c5af03.jpg

One of the entrances to the mine. Super creepy!!  photo 49d9e2e5-7b3a-43c4-8b1b-03057ce85660_zpsa277d1a3.jpg

Before we could do any serious exploring we had to have lunch. We were all pretty starved at that point!  photo 118edc3a-3461-4454-a69e-5a84919c51b2_zpsa0c30897.jpg

The day was going absolutely perfect. The weather was wonderful, the machines were in one piece, we had full bellies, and then...the Rhino got a flat tire. Awesome. Luckily we had a spare! In the truck. At the bottom of the canyon. So Riley and I jumped on the RZR and drove back up the trail to the mines and down to the truck, leaving Jared and Sam. Luckily we made really good time so they weren't abandoned for too long.
 photo 3363a018-564c-466d-97de-fc0fdbc03ea6_zps84c71ff2.jpg

Of course it isn't an adventure with Jared and Spam without the boys' classic pose. I don't even remember how this came about, but they always do it!!  photo 093081a8-c1e9-4e8e-8e3e-3113a5e4be82_zps08712ce8.jpg

 photo b7f8860a-a3be-4463-a3b8-4af53f97fe51_zpsd7d34642.jpg

We're so lucky to have such awesome friends!! Even though things rarely go as planned, those crazy times always make for the very best stories.

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