Monday, January 24, 2011

Kenzie's Farewell and other such adventures!

Sunday we had the opportunity to go to my friend Kenzie's farewell! I'm SO excited for her, she's going to be such a wonderful missionary. We'll all miss her here but the people of Missouri are going to be so blessed to have her!
Bit of a reunion of sorts!
Rachel, Linsey, Kenzie, Alicia and I.

It was such a beautiful day that we couldn't resist going out for a spin in the Jeep.
(When I say beautiful that just means it wasn't single digits outside)

We also took Ben to the park. He LOVES running around fetching his beloved tennis ball.

I absolutely LOVE this picture. These are definitely my two favorite boys!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Christmas and New Year 2010

I just have to preface this with the fact that I've been a horrible, HORRIBLE slacker as far as pictures are concerned. But we had a wonderful Christmas nonetheless.

We woke up around 9 and opened the gifts we got for eachother. I got Riley some Jeep accessories like a shirt and some stickets, some KC lights for his Jeep and a few movies. He got me the Glee Christmas CD (yay!), some movies (those were considered gifts for both of us), and a Pandigital reader! Just like the Kindle and Nook, except it's in color! Love it!!

We went up to my parents after gifts for our annual Christmas breakfast. We had yummy breakfast casseroles, apple cinnamon french toast, and bacon. My parents got Riley a gift card to Home Depot, each of us a book, my mom got me a gift card for a massage, a Fh'zookie maker, and they bought me my own tackle box and fishing pole! Haha!! Carter got Riley a quesadilla maker since he insists on eating at least 4 every day for lunch and he's used it nearly every day since!

Later Christmas Day we went down to Riley's parents house for their gift exchange. This year was homemade gifts so we all had to be a bit creative. We had Austin's family this year for gifts so I made the girls each a few cute headbands, and Riley made a coupon for Austin and Shrena to have their DVD player installed in their car by him. Carolyn had us this year and she made us the coolest blanket ever!! One side has a big "D" for Davis, and the other half as a "V"....for Viewmont....whatever. At least HALF ot the blanket is pretty awesome. It's going to be perfect to take to the football games next fall!
Skipping forward to New Year's, we did quite a bit of jumping around. We started out at Riley's parents house and I helped Jessie get ready for her big New Year's Eve party. We ended up at my Aunt and Uncle's house in North Ogden where we played some ping pong, ate some food, and spent time just being with family. I'll post the few pictures I DO have until I get home and get the rest off my computer.

New Year's Resolution-Be better at taking pictures. Done.
Benny in his Christmas sweater. Awww..

Next year we're doing a fancy tree!
Sniffing all the pine needles just in case...

During our 2 hour getting ready session. Yikes.
My parents at the New Year's Party!
Last picture taken in 2010!
Ringing in the New Year, Gold family style.

I had to threaten bodily harm if he didn't take at least ONE good picture with me for the New Year!