Sunday, April 7, 2013

St. George 2013

Get ready for a picture overload! We had a ton of fun on our short getaway and managed to take a ton of pictures. Most of them were from my phone, since hauling around our nice Cannon camera gets kind of obnoxious after awhile. My grandma, McKenna and I drove down on Thursday night to meet my parents, Carter, and his friend Josh. Right when we got into St. George we stopped and had dinner at Smashburger, then headed to the house for the night. That next morning we woke up and made a trip to the Bear Paw Cafe. It ended up being nearly a 2 hour ordeal after we waited forever for a table but it was totally worth it!! That place is always super amazing for breakfast.  photo fc4f85ba-f367-4e15-a2ee-62310a371729_zps34b73f04.jpg

We walked around the old town square while waiting for our table. The little splash pad is always a nice place to sit and enjoy the warm weather.  photo 3c1d19ac-0db7-4dc4-916b-74d2f84b48ce_zps046becbc.jpg

 photo fefabdcb-f8cc-41ca-b03d-e8a7a17a469e_zpsa82e2fea.jpg

My mom loved these little dandelion statues they had in the park.  photo 0df07e2f-e3d6-41fa-941a-eb71df758c17_zps2acc75d5.jpg

Grandma, McKenna and I went out after breakfast to do some shopping. On our way back we stopped at Swig where we got some treats and two sugar cookies.

 photo 0948895f-e92f-41a5-9a0e-b9ea2ec1969a_zpsab544d91.jpg

Grandma thought it was hilarious to shove the cookie in McKenna's face.... haha.  photo ab7dcd91-7c51-46bf-9c3a-f60dba2cca93_zpsa083d514.jpg

Later that day we went and hung out at the pool.  photo 3024b8d8-6a93-4f41-a597-e8eba1c53620_zps3ce20469.jpg

 photo 082a03c1-4803-4a3b-b4a7-d7262110f757_zpsce0266de.jpg

We went to dinner at 25 On Main and it didn't disappoint. Always good food!!  photo f4ef141a-b059-46a1-b494-19a5374c22fd_zpsae161eaa.jpg

Since the house doesn't have any furniture yet, we hung out at the clubhouse before going to bed. We played pool, hung out, and just enjoyed the company and having no obligations or anything to do.

The next morning my grandma, Carter, Josh and I went up and hiked around Dixie Sugarloaf. The views are amazing up there! I let Carter have control of the camera most of the day, but he actually ended up taking some pretty decent pictures.  photo 15de5465-5521-4f56-a2b7-006773c91f16_zps63eed24f.jpg

 photo b668f0c5-5fcb-42b7-9d20-00f4bc13a112_zps3378abf9.jpg  photo 1261cad0-f0d1-41fa-acbe-6d0b1ca2aeb4_zps2f27a60f.jpg  photo 15c3f035-a646-494d-a1b5-eaef88fbdebd_zpsdde0979e.jpg  photo 3fca58d2-8e08-48c4-b180-47c357c9f60d_zps0fba75cf.jpg  photo 544c093a-a064-4e35-ab34-43ae8fe8d88a_zps1f80187d.jpg  photo 782c6f17-fbf3-4402-b131-df7e138454d9_zpsd436a4a3.jpg

After we got home and showered up we made the drive down to Las Vegas. We had tickets to see Mystere that night!! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of that, but here are a few of lunch and walking around the Bellagio.

We ate at Serendipity 3 at Caesar's Palace. Does it seem like I'm a bit obsessed with food? Because I kinda feel like I am...
 photo c44b494f-e1c7-456a-8be1-0dbe37d65c24_zpsfbec4f9d.jpg

 photo 4f5060ed-3ccb-4c6e-b0e9-404dd37504e8_zps55dbb9d3.jpg

My mom will probably kill me for this picture but I can't get over how funny her face is! These frozen hot chocolates were delish!!  photo 7abb026f-f01e-4965-8d22-967224dd310a_zpseee3f2e4.jpg

 photo c603c1a4-1cdd-424a-b113-92b9c3df6dd7_zps7ffb73fd.jpg

 photo 907b1fb5-3b5b-41e4-8a62-75e4d2a86d2f_zpsca3b83e9.jpg

 photo 4a512509-3bbe-4729-8a2a-036ba1297854_zps9df39cf4.jpg

 photo b2ae9af7-c19e-4a2a-93c3-aba7580fdc4f_zps4e55be85.jpg

The show was SO cool! So lucky that my dad gave us the opportunity to see it. I would highly recommend it.

Overall the trip was a huge success! It felt like it went by super fast though. I'm in denial that I have to go back to work in the morning...I wish that Riley would have been able to come with us, but I guess someone has to be a responsible adult and work, right?? (Very last picture, I promise) But here is Carter and Josh on the car ride back home on Sunday. They zonked out pretty much the entire ride back. I guess that's a sign that they had fun, right?!

 photo 39e53568-4706-4a3c-84ab-0eed75eed084_zpsfbff897a.jpg

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

It seems like Easter weekend came and went SO fast!! We held a community Easter Egg hunt for my property early on Saturday morning, and it turned out so well! We had a HUGE turn out (much bigger than we had anticipated), so we ended up having to almost double the amount of refreshments we bought. We had stuffed over 500 eggs, and when all was said and done each kid only ended up with about 8 eggs each. Riley was a huge help by waking up early and coming up to lend a hand. It was a good time, and I hope the residents enjoyed it. After a good 10 hour workday I came home and just wanted to take a nap. Riley had made plans with his dad for us to go to dinner and then a movie, but I slept while they went to Café Rio and then they came and picked me up to go see The Host. I thought it was pretty good, but I hear it got mixed reviews. Sunday morning we went to church, came home and headed over to Riley's parents house. They were having an Easter dinner and then a small egg hunt for the grandkids. I don't know who put Tommy and Riley in charge of hiding the eggs. This is pretty much how it went.  photo d6271006-441e-44bd-8d91-64143f0f500f_zps6549f912.jpg  photo 6ce29906-f15a-4f03-90e3-4adaad34c684_zpsabfed512.jpg The grandkids (minus baby Odin) before the hunt!! This was the best picture I could get of them (mostly) looking at the camera.

 photo fc936bee-d597-4afe-9e7f-40ecd622c7e6_zpsc0f5532c.jpg Little Odin was too busy jumping on the trampoline or playing with Uncle Riley to care too much about the eggs.  photo 88f1360a-3b7a-41a1-bfae-e067211d8952_zpsf39314a7.jpg  photo 2a9c6060-f21c-4b64-903a-c34015e56363_zps09d9ab10.jpg  photo 4811fd53-88e1-4a67-b6e4-a0702b3b7dbe_zpsc70d7beb.jpg  photo 612c0801-f4da-420d-ac75-f7548d84b201_zpsb1d09365.jpg  photo fc286f41-d5ff-4ba8-a806-6da2424b86f2_zpsa9ca4aa8.jpg  photo c61ac6d6-ab37-44ad-80b6-39736686a892_zps7400afe4.jpg  photo 85ca7452-aaf1-43fd-b179-595523bb2265_zps47ed1d6a.jpg  photo 4f9f2eac-2168-4b0e-a776-a345b77ef786_zpsc91cecbc.jpg  photo 87cefda6-69f8-44af-b999-1c1acb64e41d_zps77d2e906.jpg

After the egg hunt we went up to my parents house for (another) Easter Dinner!! We always get so spoiled on Sundays and sometimes end up eating two yummy meals. For the special occasion, my parents made ribs!  photo da68a6d6-977e-47d0-8563-9face9746aa3_zpsd9f3f470.jpg They were delicious. My dad was pretty happy about the result, as you can see here.

We had fun spending time with our families and remembering the meaning of Easter. The weather was perfect, the food was delish, and the company was even better. We're pretty lucky!