Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pete & Tracy Come to Town

Our friends Peter and Tracy Cook came into town for almost a month over Christmas break and into January. They have been living in Autralia's Gold Coast the last few years so we haven't had too many opportunities to see them. We had to take advantage of their time here, so we got the old group together for dinner and games! We all went to the Blue Iguana downtown for dinner and then came to our place after and played "Things".

We miss them a lot and wish they were closer, but they have a pretty cool thing going on for them in Australia with Peter's new job so I guess they're allowed to stay... Plus, we'd LOVE to be able to go visit them sometime :)

 photo d1d1ea75-afdf-4d09-82a4-06d6c6f0d953_zps86d1fd86.jpg

This one was with my phone, but Sam saw this beautiful painting on the wall outside the bathroom at the Blue Iguana. Of course she mentioned how it was a lovely self portrait of me...so naturally we had to take a picture by it.
 photo 69654_10151435157578627_619447914_n_zpsbbab7674.jpg

 photo 4a853712-d032-40d0-b420-5bdeb8c4e13a_zps1f36ecc2.jpg

 photo e7b8f508-93a2-404b-b3b1-d834c911b6b1_zps8f39e65f.jpg

Can't wait till we see these guys again!!

Riley's Big Announcement!

For the past two and a half years Riley has worked as a mechanic at CJ Autoworks in Bountiful. He absolutely loves the job and the work he does, but he has been considering making a switch for several months. It all started back last summer when the Cornwell dealer that comes to his shop mentioned that he thought Riley would be a great candidate to be a dealer himself. The idea sort of stuck with Riley and he started doing a bit of research. He eventually got in contact with the district manager in charge of the area who told him they didn't have any openings in Utah at the time. He DID have several openings in Idaho and another in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (which we would've seriously considered if the cost of living there isn't so ridiculous). We sort of shrugged off the idea for a little while since we didn't want to relocate. Riley had since stayed in touch with the manager and told him he was VERY interested if any areas closer to home opened up.

Fast forward several months and Riley gets a phone call telling him that an area in Salt Lake is available if he still wants it! The man who had been over that area was still staying with the company, but moving closer to family in Arizona. Riley was ecstatic and told him he absolutely still wanted the job! It has been an interesting couple of weeks but everything has fallen into place. A truck came available in Central Utah (which is almost unheard of in itself. Most of the trucks Riley was looking at were out of state and would require travel to go look at them, purchase one, and drive it back, etc). Riley and his dad drove down and picked it up last Saturday.

The timing is perfect for us and we are SO excited for this new opportunity that we've been given. Riley will miss "turning wrenches" but will always have the skills that he acquired during his time at CJ's. We can't help but feel incredibly blessed in the situation. It was hard to wait all that time, but it has just been a lesson that sometimes our timing is less important than His. Riley's last day is this Friday (2/15) and then he'll be off for training in Ohio!

I couldn't believe that I was actually able to snag a good picture of Riley in front of his new truck, since he's usually such a goof and doens't cooperate for serious pictures. But here ya go!

 photo 0e0f81f9-5044-41c2-8fa3-197fd6022cc6_zps435f1190.jpg