Monday, June 23, 2014

Chicken Update Photos!

Remember how cute and LITTLE the chicks were in the previous photos?! Well they're nearly full grown now!! We've had them for about 9 weeks and they've grown exponentially since the day we brought them home. They're definitely a part of the family now :)

Benny has learned to pretty much leave them alone now, since the rooster has become more defensive of the hens. They've had some epic face offs from between the fence!

This little lady is one of my favorites! She looked almost identical to a little duckling when we first bought her. Sweet little personality and very curious.  photo 7483a104-bf95-4b6f-9509-396eee55573b_zps9f8452b7.jpg

 photo 11090c5f-0dce-410e-b7f0-1cffbb2974ef_zps725896ad.jpg

This one has some beautiful markings and colors, but is kind of a naughty!! She is lightning fast and doesn't enjoy being held. When we first moved them into their coop, she jumped out of the indoor enclosure when the lid was opened and I had to chase her around the basement!  photo e438d041-d0ac-48c5-bbda-751c0ea5b99b_zps6dd03bcd.jpg

Here's Mr. Jaime Lannister, the man of the house. Like I mentioned before he's definitely more aggressive than the others. He doesn't hesitate to puff up his chest, swing his head down and charge Benny at the edge of the coop. Pretty funny!  photo 5c83d180-6444-483e-89f6-1a2b6a497a14_zpsa7a222dc.jpg Of course we can't forget Brienne of Tarth (or Phyllis, or little Kramer, she doesn't respond to any of it so it doesn't matter, right?!). I can't imagine she can see really well with all those foofy feathers on her head, so she hangs low for the most part. Pretty kicked back and chill.  photo 845331d9-f1f8-4ab6-9a3e-e2ad84fe36e1_zpsc6d0a588.jpg I wanted to get little self portraits of all of them but this is the best I could do. Excited to start having them lay eggs in the next coming months!

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